11 Questions and Answers about tax conformity

You have questions about tax proposals that would detach Kansas’ tax system from the federal internal revenue code, largely benefiting big businesses, multinational corporations, and high-income earners.

The Kansas Center for Economic Growth project has answers. As Kansas works to recover from years of disinvestment, we simply can’t afford this risky legislation. Learn more about the bill and what it does in our extended Q&A.

Tax migration is not real! (A Twitter thread)

As the Kansas Legislature considers tax policy changes, policymakers have raised concerns about how the bill could affect the movement of individuals and businesses. Read more here.

House hearings: KCEG’s testimony to the House Tax Committee opposing SB 22.

Press release: “Senate bill would experiment again with failed tax policy.”

Infographic: “Pocket Guide to the Kansas Tax Experiment.” A one-page review of where we’ve been.

Editorial: “Kansas Senate just passed a reckless tax cut. Is it a sign of more disasters to come?”

Column: Topeka Capital-Journal writer says “income tax plan illogical.”

IS KANSAS READY TO LEGALIZE SPORTS GAMBLING? (Read more at the Kansas Center for Economic Growth project’s blog.)