Breaking down Gov. Kelly’s FY 2021 budget

Hot on the heels of her State of the State address, Gov. Kelly released her budget proposal, recommending $19.8 billion in expenditures for FY 2021. The governor’s budget reflects several priorities, including:

Fiscal responsibility: The proposed budget shows the state general fund (SGF) balances exceeding percentage requirements. For FY 2021, the proposed budget would have an SGF ending balance for $627.8 million. The plan also includes decreased reliance on the Kansas Department of Transportation and continued phase-out of State Highway Fund transfers.

Pay off debts: The governor’s plan includes paying off several debts early in FY 2020, including KPERS layering payments, the PMIB loan, and IMPACT bonds. The total debt amount to be paid off in FY 2020 would total over $600 million.

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