April 17, 2018

KCEG raises alarm about risky new tax proposal,
urges defeat of Senate Substitute for HB 2228


Topeka, KS — Kansans know what happens when risky tax plans become law. Former Governor Sam Brownback’s supply-side tax “experiment” led to repeated rounds of budget cuts and credit downgrades. A bipartisan majority in the Legislature finally put a stop to it.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

With our state beginning to recover, a risky new tax plan has just passed the Senate: Senate Substitute for HB 2228. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth calls on the House and Governor Jeff Colyer to stand against the proposal, which stands to harm the very taxpayers it claims to help.

The bill costs a massive half-billion dollars over five years. And while proponents claim it’s paid for with money from federal tax law changes, no one knows for sure how much revenue will actually come to Kansas or when lawmakers can expect it.

KCEG has created a number of publications to help Kansans understand the threat posed by Senate Sub for HB 2228.

“With our state facing so many needs right now — including schools, health care, infrastructure, and creating thriving communities — a rushed, uncertain tax bill is a risk we can’t afford to take,” said KCEG Executive Director Heidi Holliday.

When lawmakers return to Topeka next week for a veto session, they will be forced to make an array of complicated choices. Rejecting this flawed bill should be a simple one.

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ClayKCEG raises alarm about risky new tax proposal, urges defeat of Senate Substitute for HB 2228