December 2, 2017

GOP Senate Tax Plan Raises Taxes on Middle Class and Working Families But Gives Massive Tax Cuts to Corporations and Wealthy

Topeka, KS – Following Senate passage of the Republican tax bill, the Kansas Center for Economic Growth released the following statement:

“We are disappointed that the Senate and the House voted to pass tax plans that provide enormous, permanent tax cuts to high-income households and corporations – all while adding at least $1.5 trillion to the deficit and forcing cuts to crucial programs including nutrition assistance for families, education, Medicare and Medicaid, and infrastructure.

“These bills are costly new giveaways to the very wealthy and major corporations at the expense of working families, including tens of millions of low-income and middle-class Americans who actually would face a tax hike. The Senate bill goes even further, increasing the number of uninsured people by 13 million to pay for larger, wasteful corporate tax cuts.

“Senator Pat Roberts and Senator Jerry Moran let Kansans down when they voted for this dangerous tax bill, but it’s not too late for them to make a difference. Senator Moran and Senator Roberts should reject the final tax bill that comes out of conference committee.

“In Kansas, these cuts will compound the effects of the nine rounds of budget cuts required under the Brownback tax plan, and place additional strain on agencies that are already over capacity. Kansans know that we cannot cut our way to prosperity, and a bipartisan majority of the Kansas legislature voted this year to end the Brownback tax experiment and put our state on a path to recovery.

“Small changes won’t fix the bills’ fundamental flaws. The merged tax bill that emerges from conference committee will be more of the same – offering nothing to most working families and harming many. Instead of supporting tax cuts tailored to the wealthy, the Kansas congressional delegation should work to advance tax policies that invest in working families while ensuring that any tax bill is paid for by closing tax loopholes and other responsible changes.”

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