May 4, 2018
KCEG: House did right by Kansans in stopping risky tax policy

The Kansas Center for Economic Growth applauds the House for its decision to turn aside CCR for HB 2228. After years of disinvestment stemming from the Brownback tax experiment, Kansas couldn’t afford another risky, uncertain tax bill.

We should be clear: The new federal tax law offers opportunities for Kansas to revise its tax code. But given the lack of clarity surrounding that law, we have consistently said it’s important to wait until the next legislative session to decide how to address the complex issues it created.

KCEG stands ready to assist Kansas lawmakers in the months to come as they assess the effects of tax changes, and we will be ready to suggest ways in which sensible tax policy can undergird crucial investments in great schools, affordable health care, solid infrastructure, and thriving communities.

ClayHouse did right by Kansans in stopping risky tax policy