Kansas’ Education Cuts – In Their Own Words

Sept. 2, 2014 Our latest report, “Quality At Risk: Impact of Education Cuts,” marks a new approach to KCEG’s research and analysis – including the voices of Kansans directly impacted by and connected to the investment we examined: K-12 education. While the pool of data on Kansas’ public schools is deep, it can sometimes miss … Read More

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ClayKansas’ Education Cuts – In Their Own Words

A Kansas Fairy Tale

Aug. 20, 2014 By now you’ve heard from tax cut advocates that Kansas is adding private jobs at a rate higher than we’ve seen in the past decade. But those claims are simply not true. In reality, the tax cuts have hobbled our revenue collection and have put resources for crucial state investments—like good schools, … Read More

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ClayA Kansas Fairy Tale

Gauging the Kansas Economy

July 22, 2014 Kansas is all over the news lately but not for the reasons we’d like to see. Many have highlighted that the deep, unprecedented tax cuts enacted in 2012 have not been the boon to the economy that was promised and that revenue has plunged, making it hard for Kansas to invest in … Read More

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ClayGauging the Kansas Economy

Medicaid expansion: A pro-growth policy for Kansas

April 28, 2014 In Kansas, there’s been a lot of debate about our economy and the best approach to growing jobs, increasing revenue and bringing prosperity to the state. The good news is there’s an opportunity at our doorstep to invest in hardworking Kansans and our economy that’s a decidedly pro-growth policy choice: Medicaid expansion. … Read More

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ClayMedicaid expansion: A pro-growth policy for Kansas

Takeaways on Tax Day

April 15, 2014 This tax season, Kansans earning the least among us are going to pay more while those with the highest incomes are going to pay less—a whole lot less. Why? Well, it all stems from the deep tax cuts enacted over the last two years, and it’s going to set us back in … Read More

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ClayTakeaways on Tax Day

Trying to Copy the Lone Star State Leaves Kansans Struggling

Feb. 3, 2014 Ever since Kansas enacted substantial income tax cuts in 2012 and 2013, we have eagerly awaited the prosperity and Texas-sized job growth that we were promised would be spurred by these changes. Unfortunately, our efforts to be like Texas aren’t paying off for most Kansans. In fact, after two years of tax … Read More

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ClayTrying to Copy the Lone Star State Leaves Kansans Struggling