October 2, 2017

KCEG issues statement in response to school finance ruling

“The rollback of failed tax policies and the school finance formula passed by the legislature earlier this year were good first steps in making sure Kansas schools have enough funding to provide a high-quality education, but today’s Supreme Court decision is a reminder that recovery from irresponsible tax policy will take time.

Lawmakers came together during the 2017 session to right Kansas’ fiscal ship, but work remains to repair the damage done by five years of a failed tax policy. Our schools have felt that damage especially keenly. From districts unable to keep the doors open five days a week, to the mass exodus of teachers from our state, to a superintendent sacrificing his own salary because of worries his district won’t make the next month’s payroll, nearly every community has suffered from the state’s budget crisis.

Lawmakers must continue to work to identify responsible and recurring revenue solutions to support critical investments in our kids and our communities. This isn’t just about satisfying a court ruling, this is about investing in the real needs of our state: public safety, bridges and roads, public health, as well as education.”

-Heidi Holliday, Kansas Center for Economic Growth Executive Director

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ClayKCEG issues statement in response to school finance ruling