Jan. 31, 2018

KCEG welcomes new Governor Jeff Colyer, focuses on unfinished budget challenges

Topeka, KS — As Governor Jeff Colyer was sworn in as Kansas’ new chief executive, the Kansas Center for Economic Growth’s Executive Director Heidi Holliday released the following statement:”Governor Jeff Colyer hopes to establish himself as a different kind of leader. ‘I want Kansans to know they’ll have a trusted doctor who will listen to them,’ he told The Topeka Capital-Journal yesterday.

“Care is definitely needed, because Kansas is on the mend from five years of grave illness.

“Colyer’s predecessor, Sam Brownback, exposed our state to contagion through a disastrous tax plan that throttled revenue and slashed vital services. The damage was immediate and catastrophic, and nursing our state back to health will take time and dedication. Last year’s legislature took the crucial first steps by performing emergency surgery, ending the pillars of the plan. But it now falls to Governor Colyer to oversee further, sorely needed rehabilitation.

“The wounds that Kansas endured during that half-decade of failed tax policy still smart. Education, infrastructure, public safety, mental health and children’s services were all damaged by nine rounds of budget cuts. State pension funds payments and state highway projects have been delayed. We need a rainy day fund to cover unexpected downturns.

“Extremist ideology won’t cure our state’s challenges. Indeed, ending the tax experiment took a bipartisan majority of Republicans and Democrats working together. They set an example for Governor Colyer to follow in the weeks and months to come.

“The Kansas Center for Economic Growth remains dedicated to Kansas’ recovery, and we welcome the opportunity to serve as a resource to the new governor, his staff, and lawmakers of both parties.

“We will continue to advocate commonsense, balanced policies that allow the state to grow and — once again — thrive.”

ClayKCEG welcomes new Governor Jeff Colyer, focuses on unfinished budget challenges