By Kate Inman
November 30, 2017

The Senate has been debating the GOP tax bill all day and is expected to vote later this evening or tomorrow. Right now there are still some U.S. senators who have concerns over the bill, but if passed, what could it mean for Kansas?

As the U.S. Senate debates the GOP Tax plan, White House leaders say it’s good for most
states, including Kansas.

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President: “There will be a job creation result from this because let’s face it, if companies, if job creators have more money to invest in their workforce they’ll do that or the workers will go somewhere else.”

Kellyanne Conway described the tax plan as a jobs creation bill.

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President: “In both Kansas and Wisconsin, the two states you mention, this is a net job creation bill and a net wage inflation bill, if you will, that the average household will see over 2,000 dollars in lower tax liability.”

However, Heidi Holliday the executive director of Kansas Center for Economic Growth says the tax bill mirrors the Kansas Tax Experiment, which was repealed by state lawmakers last session.

Heidi Holliday, KS Center for Econ Growth Exec. Dir.: “It’s built off the same ideology that tax cuts are going to create economic growth and that’s something that we didn’t see happen in Kansas.”

Under the tax plan, Holliday says only the richest Kansans would see tax relief.

Heidi Holliday, KS Center for Econ Growth Exec. Dir.: “The top one percent in Kansas would receive an average tax cut of over 7,000 dollars if they make over 700,000 dollars a year and that’s by 2027.”

Other Kansans, she said could see tax increases, if passed.

Heidi Holliday, KS Center for Econ Growth Exec. Dir. : “Those making less than 147,000 dollars a year would face a tax increase by 2027.”

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts told his Senate colleagues Thursday some of the concerns he’s heard from constituents. The crushing weight of federal regulation. Now that was summed up by one western Kansas rancher who said “Pat, I feel ruled, not governed.”

In a statement Wednesday, Senator Jerry Moran said he expects to support the bill saying in part “I expect to support a tax package that grows the economy, protects taxpayers, creates good paying jobs and helps Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Since the house passed a version of the tax bill earlier, and if the Senate passes a bill this week, there would be a conference for the two houses to resolve the differences between the legislation.

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