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January 2018

Jan. 14, 2018: GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Opening week of legislature sets state for bizarre conduct

Jan. 6, 2018: TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL: Kansas legislators return Monday facing budget and tax questions


December 2017

Dec. 13, 2017: NPR: Kansas’ 2012 Tax Cut Experiment Could Serve As A Cautionary Tale

Dec. 13, 2017: JUST TAXES BLOG: Supermajority Laws Considered in Some States Even as They Confound Others

Dec. 7, 2017: PBS: Do tax cuts spur growth? What we can learn from the Kansas budget crisis


November 2017

Nov. 30, 2017: VOX: We’re all in Kansas now

Nov. 30, 2017: KSN: Senate to vote on GOP tax bill

Nov. 15, 2017: GOVERNING: Public Officials of the Year 


October 2017

Oct. 31, 2017: KCUR: Even After Tax Hikes, Kansas Budget ‘Fix’ Remains Elusive

Oct. 22, 2017: NBC NEWS: The GOP Tried Trump-Style Tax Cuts in Kansas. What a Mess.

Oct. 6, 2017: THE BOND BUYER: Court ruling keeps pressure on Kansas finances

Oct. 4, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas policy advocates prepare for K-12 funding war amid 2018 campaigns


September 2017

Sept. 27, 207: WIBW NEWS: New KCEG Study looks at damage of tax cuts


August 2017

August 1, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL: Kansas tax collections beat expectations in first month of tax increase


July 2017

July 25, 2017: WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas gets more of its money from fees than most states


June 2017 

June 28, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL: Kansas House, Senate adjourn; Brownback blasts lawmakers

June 22, 2017: HAYS POST: INSIGHT KANSAS: Kansas turnaround

June 17, 2017: HUFFINGTON POST: A free-market failure in the heartland

June 15, 2017: LAW STREET: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s tax pledge may be cracking

June 9, 2017: BARABOO NEWS REPUBLIC: Walker needs to account for his decision-making

June 8, 2017: THINK PROGRESS: Lawmakers finally rejected Sam Brownback’s bad economic policies

June 8, 2017: THE ECONOMIST: A Republican revolt in Kansas

June 8, 2017: BLOOMBERG BNA: Kansas bolls back passthrough tax experiment, overrides veto

June 7, 2017: KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas tax ‘experiment’ offers lessons to the nation, analysts say

June 7, 2017: THE ATLANTIC: The death of Kansas’s conservative experiment

June 7, 2017: WASHINGTON POST: Kansas’ collapsed tax-cut plan will provide political fodder for Democrats for decades


May 2017

May 31, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas House GOP leader weary of ‘zombie’ bill, hungry for tax deal

May 23, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Waiting for a better tax deal in Kansas

May 21, 2017: KIOWA COUNTY SIGNAL: The time to build the path forward is now

May 18, 2017: KMUW: Poll: Most Kansas voters support fixing Brownback tax plan

May 16, 2017: WYANDOTTE DAILY: Haley to speak at Democratic breakfast

May 15, 2017: RAW STORY: Kansas offers a ‘cautionary tale’ for Trump’s tax cuts: ‘No evidence whatsoever this plan worked’

May 15, 2017: THE GUARDIAN: ‘We are a cautionary tale’: Kansas feels the pain of massive Trump-style tax cuts

May 12, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Kansans are being ignored

May 6, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Tax reform is just the beginning

May 3, 2017: KSN: Radio and social media appeal to taxpayers

May 1, 2017: MCPHERSON SENTINEL: Rise Up Kansas makes push for balanced budget


April 2017 

April 27, 2017: EDUCATION VOTES: Students deserve better than Gov. Brownback’s failed policies, say Kansas voters

April 25, 2017: HUTCHINSON NEWS: Former state budget director Goossen: Press for tax reform

April 19, 2017: HUTCHINSON NEWS: Former State Budget Director Goossen to speak in Hutch

April 6, 2017: KANSAS NEWS SERVICE: Kansas Senate rejects Brownback’s ‘flat’ tax; work continues on budget fix

April 6, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Flat tax proposal unpopular with think tanks, interest groups


March 2017

March 31, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas poll registers discontent with state tax policy, K-12 funding

March 31, 2017: WIBW NEWS: Poll: Kansas voters sour on 2012 tax cuts

March 21, 2017: KMUW: Kansas flat tax plans garner little support

March 20, 2017: WICHITA EAGLE: Flat tax bills generate small revenue or cost state, groups say

March 20, 2017: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas flat-tax proposal finds little enthusiasm at Legislative hearing

March 10, 2017: BULLETIN: Former state budget director speaks on Kansas budget crisis

March 9, 2017: HAYS POST: INSIGHT KANSAS: Name your budget cuts

March 8, 2017: KVOE: Former state budget director speaking at ESU on Wednesday

March 2, 2017: WIBW NEWS: Kansas Center for Economic Growth calls for tax policy change to pay for school funding adequacy


February 2017 

Feb. 27, 2017 – PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: As WV considers phaseout, other states look to increase income taxes

Feb. 21, 2017 – BLOOMBERG BNA: Kansas lawmakers ax tax exemption for passthroughs

Feb. 16, 2017 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: A proud day for the Kansas House

Feb. 14, 2017 – KCUR: Closing the Kansas budget gap, author uses poetry to heal and educate

Feb. 13, 2017 – THE GAZETTE: Iowa politics today: Guests from Kansas suggest Iowa not follow Kansas into fiscal oblivion

Feb. 9, 2017 – EMPORIA GAZETTE: Hope for possible budget fixes

Feb. 8, 2017 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Editorial: Pain will be unavoidable if Kansas is to solve its budget mess

Feb. 8, 2017 – KVOE: Changes in tax brackets, education funding debated in Statehouse

Feb. 7, 2017 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas senate to debate budget cuts and tax hikes this week

Feb. 7, 2017 – WICHITA EAGLE: Lower food tax, higher gas tax under consideration in Kansas House

Feb. 4, 2017 – WICHITA EAGLE: Ending LLC loophole not enough to fix state budget

Feb. 2, 2017 – TAX JUSTICE BLOG: What to watch in the states: gas tax hikes and swaps

Feb. 1, 2017 – WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas exceeds revenue expectations for Jan. as lawmakers weigh budget options


January 2017

Jan. 31, 2017 – KAKE: Bill tries to stop Brownback’s tax plan

Jan. 29, 2017 – KANSAS CITY STAR: The troubled ‘Kansas experiment’ goes to Washington

Jan. 25, 2017 – HILLSBORO FREE PRESS: Rise Up Kansas to present revenue generation plan for Kansas Jan. 29 

Jan. 23, 2017 – SHAWNEE MISSION POST: Kansas’ cautionary tax tale: a model of what not to do

Jan. 23, 2017 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: All Kansans deserves access to library resources

Jan. 19, 2017 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Advocates and critics of LLC tax policy battle for legislative support

Jan. 18, 2017 – KANSAS EDTALK: Episode 8: 2017 legislative landscape & Rise Up Kansas

Jan. 12, 2017 – BLOOMBERG BNA: Kansas Governor defends LLC tax break, reveals increases

Jan. 11, 2017 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Brownback budget relies on borrowing idle funds, continued raids on highway money; critics call it ‘delusional’

Jan. 10, 2017 – KSN-TV: Democrats offer response to Brownback’s State of the State

Jan. 10, 2017 – WIBW NEWS: Budget fixes could come in 2017 Kansas legislative session

Jan. 8, 2017 – BLOOMBERG: Kansas offers cautionary tale for trump’s tax ambition

Jan. 5, 1017 – AZ CENTRAL: A warning to Arizona on income-tax cuts: ‘Don’t do what Kansas did’


December 2016

Dec. 31, 2016 – THE HUTCHINSON NEWS: Happy New Year legislators, now fix the budget

Dec. 23, 2016 – WALL STREET JOURNAL: Sam Brownback calls on Donald Trump to mimic his Kansas tax plan

Dec. 16, 2016 – GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Kansans want to hear ideas to help state make ends meet

Dec. 16, 2016 – NEWTON KANSAN: The budget needs fixin’

Dec. 14, 2016 – GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Rise Up Kansas shares tax-reform message

Dec. 13, 2016 – HAYS POST: HAWVER: Stomping out fires instead of preventing them

Dec. 13, 2016 – HIGH PLAINS PUBLIC RADIO: Kansas advocacy groups propose tax plan to fix state’s budget

Dec. 13, 2016 – MANHATTAN MERCURY: It’s not perfect, but it’s a plan

Dec. 13, 2016 – NEWTON KANSAN: Group floats tax reform plan

Dec. 13, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: First offer on Kansas tax policy is merely the start of a long, difficult debate

Dec. 13, 2016 – SHAWNEE MISSION POST: Johnson County safety net advocates paint picture of challenging times amid Kansas budget shortfall

Dec. 12, 2016 – HASTINGS TRIBUNE: Proposal a starting point

Dec. 12, 2016 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: The roof over our heads

Dec. 11, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas lawmakers mining for a pot of gold to fix budget woe

Dec. 10, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Rise Up Kansas has started a necessary conversation

Dec. 9, 2016 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Editorial: Conversation starter for state

Dec. 9, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: The Chat: Mayor Sly James pitches plan to improve all parts of KC

Dec. 7, 2016 – KANSAS HEALTH INSTITUTE: Kansas advocacy groups push for tax increase to fix budget

Dec. 7, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Former Kansas budget director leads call for lawmakers to make tax changes

Dec. 7, 2016 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Coalition calls for partial reversal of Brownback tax cuts; seeks hike in gasoline tax

Dec. 7, 2016 – ASSOCIATED PRESS: Coalition seeks income, gas tax hikes to fix Kansas budget

Dec. 7, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Capitol rally participants look to bite bullet on tax reform

Dec. 7, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas coalition plan: Reinstate top tax bracket, eliminate LLC exemption, raise gas tax to solve fiscal problems

Dec. 6, 2016 – CHADRON RECORD: Kansas’ self-inflicted budget crisis a cautionary tale for Nebraska


November 2016

Nov. 27, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Suspense precedes Kansas tax report for November 2016

Nov. 23, 2016 – MCPHERSON SENTINEL: Kansas falls flat on overall health

Nov. 22, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Fact Meter: Brownback falsely claims state income tax revenue growth

Nov. 22, 2016 – PROGRESSIVE PULSE: The stakes are high, NC should reverse course regarding tax policy

Nov. 19, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Kansas election’s ‘teachable moments’

Nov. 17, 2016 – GOVERNING: Trump’s tax plan sound familiar? Kansas enacted a similar one — and its economy tanked.

Nov. 15, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Does Trump’s tax plan sound familiar, Kansas? It should.

Nov. 13, 2016 – DODGE GLOBE: Rise Up Kansas

Nov. 12, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Bad revenue picture may complicate response to anticipated education funding decision


October 2016

Oct. 30, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas poll exposes preference for raising state taxes on wealthy, big business

Oct. 25, 2016 – SALON: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s trickle-down economics experiment is so bad the state stopped reporting on it

Oct. 24, 2016 – CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Kansas ends bad economic news – by not reporting it

Oct. 24, 2016 – BLOOMBERG VIEW: Kansas ends bad economic news by not reporting it

Oct. 19, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas has racked up billions in debt over the past 20 years, more than tripling late 90s level

Oct. 19, 2016 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: Forum offers progressive, faith-based voice to issues

Oct. 18, 2016 – BLOOMBERG VIEW: Why tax cuts worked for Russia, but not Kansas

Oct. 16, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas politicos agree revenue forecasts are off, but diverge on solutions

Oct. 14, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Look who wins under Brownback tax plan

Oct. 13, 2016 – KPR NEWS: Wealthy benefited most from Kansas tax cuts

Oct. 12, 2016 – WIBW NEWS: 2012 tax cuts mostly benefited wealthy

Oct. 12, 2016 – ABILENE REFLECTOR CHRONICLE: Tax break. Who benefited?

Oct. 7, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Don’t hide bad news on revenue

Oct. 3, 2016 – SALINA JOURNAL: Goossen: State economy can’t go on like this

Oct. 1, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Sam Brownback’s hidden reports reveal a Kansas economy in the dumps


September 2016

Sept. 30, 2016 – KMUW: Kansas college students paying increasingly more for education

Sept. 30, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Rex Sinquefield gets his facts wrong in explaining Kansas budget deficit

Sept. 29, 2016 – SANTA MONICA OBSERVER: Failed governor cancels quarterly economic report

Sept. 27, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Brownback official acknowledges budget will have to be changed

Sept. 26, 2016 – RAW STORY: Sam Brownback kills report that would show how his Tea Party policies destroyed the Kansas economy

Sept. 26, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Kansans should distrust cancellation of economic reports

Sept. 26, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Brownback’s ‘sunshine’ on tax cuts vanishes behind big, dark cloud

Sept. 26, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas law requiring the budget to have leftover cash often ignored. Should it be in the constitution?

Sept. 25, 2016 – ASSOCIATED PRESS: Brownback, advisers abandon report on Kansas economy

Sept. 24, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Gov. Sam Brownback, advisers abandon report of Kansas economy

Sept. 23, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Brownback administration exempting Cabinet budget plans from KORA

Sept. 20, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: TheChat: Gov. Jay Nixon insists Missouri’s budget is in good shape

Sept. 19, 2016 – MCPHERSON SENTINEL: Former budget director critical of finances

Sept. 17, 2016 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Opinion: Brownback dealing in dreams, not reality


August 2016

August 30, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Goossen to speak in McPherson on state budget

August 28, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: They get Kansas tax breaks, and they ‘feel like freeloaders’

August 17, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: What “economic freedom” is costing Kansas

August 13, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Does state need more cuts or more revenue?

August 11, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: State agencies asked to look at 5 percent cuts

August 10, 2016 – KRVN: Report urges Nebraska leaders to avoid Kansas tax mistakes

August 10, 2016 – GRAND ISLAND INDEPENDENT: Kansas budget wound provides cautionary tale for Nebraska

August 9, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Editorial: Brownback fails to understand Kansans’ concerns


July 2016

July 22, 2016 – STAR TRIBUNE: Kansas tax cuts don’t work, leave state in hole

July 14, 2016 – TAX JUSTICE BLOG: State Rundown 7/14


June 2016

June 30, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Signs point to June tax revenue missing estimates in Kansas

June 15, 2016 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: The big shift

June 9, 2016 – WYANDOTTE DAILY: Kansas officials disagree about funding for roads

June 9, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Review of tax estimating process needs to be honest


May 2016

May 19, 2016 – KMUW: EngageICT: Economy

May 12, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: New leader of Kansas Action for Children to serve in state’s children’s cabinet

May 10, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Hutchinson native named new president and CEO of Kansas Action for Children

May 9, 2016 – KMUW: New leader takes over at Kansas Action for Children

May 9, 2016 – KANSAS HEALTH INSTITUTE: Cotsoradis leaving KAC for Nebraska post

May 9, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas Action for Children names new president and CEO

May 9, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Shannon Cotsoradis, prominent advocate for children’s programs, to leave Kansas

May 6, 2016 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Unseat the illiterates


April 2016

April 28, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas lawmakers weigh putting business owners back on income tax rolls

April 28, 2016 – THE COLLEGIO: The part of Kansas tax code that still works

April 27, 2016 – 41 ACTION NEWS: Kansas lawmakers reconvene to tackle budget shortfalls

April 27, 2016 – WIBW NEWS: Kansas Center for Economic Growth proposes “Option 4” to balance budget

April 27, 2016 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Session resumes with call for total repeal of Brownback tax cuts

April 27, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas groups call for an end to state’s “failed tax experiment”

April 27, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas coalition urges lawmakers to reverse state income tax cuts

April 26, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Legislators return to finish job, with groups to voice concerns ahead of session’s start

April 26, 2016 – THE PITCH:  Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback can’t hide from his false promises

April 25, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Center for Economic Growth director to present on Kansas budget at Wichita State

April 23, 2016 – FARRAGUTER: New Kansas revenue forecast expected to spur budget changes

April 22, 2016 – THE ATLANTIC: Kansas’ never-ending budget mess

April 21, 2016 – SALINA POST: Brownback proposing three plans to fix Kansas budget

April 20, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Gov. Sam Brownback orders budget overhaul to match $228 million revenue shortfall

April 20, 2016 – WIBW NEWS: State revenue estimates prompt tough legislative choices

April 20, 2016 – KANSAS HEALTH INSTITUTE: Kansas revenue estimating group meets amid controversy

April 13, 2016 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: Kansas needs to invest back in its people

April 8, 2016 – WINFIELD COURIER: Goossen: Kansas ‘broke,’ won’t be solvent soon

April 7, 2016 – KWCH TV: Report: Investment in public education pays off

April 1, 2016 – PRAIRIE VILLAGE POST: Income tax cuts wreaking havoc on Kansas budget — and more pain to come, warn MainStream speakers


March 2016

March 31, 2016 – WINFIELD COURIER: State budget expert to speak in Winfield

March 30, 2016 – 41 ACTION NEWS: Kansas lawmaker, non-partisan group call Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax plan ‘catastrophic’

March 29, 2016 – WIBW NEWS: Kansas Center for Economic Growth seeking summer interns

March 28, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Overly optimistic revenue estimates prompt Brownback to seek process changes

March 24, 2016 – INSIGHT KANSAS: A billion lost and counting

March 18, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas House committee studies potential of starting rainy-day fund

March 2, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: As Kansas sinks under Gov. Sam Brownback, a fair tax system must be restored

March 1, 2016 – KANSAS HEALTH INSTITUTE: Kansas February tax revenue falls far short of estimates

March 1, 2016 – KANSAS PUBLIC RADIO: Former budget director judges Kansas tax experiment

March 1, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Town hall exchange sheds light on administration approach to budget


February 2016

Feb. 28, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Restore Kansas group wants budget cuts to stop

Feb. 25, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Sam Brownback slams Bernie Sanders, praises Kansas GOP welfare reform

Feb. 24, 2016 – KANSAS CITY STAR: TheChat

Feb. 22, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Speaker denounces tax path Kansas is on, calls it a ‘failed’ experiment

Feb. 19, 2016 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Deliberate financial starving of the state

Feb. 18, 2016 – GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Tax toll: Legislators can fix problem by reversing reckless policies

Feb. 17, 2016 – TIMES PICAYUNE: Louisiana’s budget is a disaster, but we’re not alone

Feb. 15, 2016 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Presentation on legislation, funding effects on public schools to be held at library

Feb. 11, 2016 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Tax plan’s back-door success

Feb. 11, 2016 – HUFFINGTON POST: We’re not in Kansas anymore!


January 2016

Jan. 28, 2016 – NORMAN TRANSCRIPT: The failed Kansas experiment: cutting income tax doesn’t help economy

Jan. 28, 2016 – DUNCAN BANNER: Searching for solutions: Oklahoma Policy institute hosts budget summit to find answers to state deficit

Jan. 22, 2016 – OKLAHOMA DAILY: Summit will attempt to address issues surrounding Oklahoma state budget situation

Jan. 20, 2016 – BLOOMBERG: Taxpayers call themselves businesses as Kansas tax plan founders

Jan. 18, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Efficiency report calls for state to create rainy day fund

Jan. 16, 2016 – ASSOCIATED PRESS: Kansas’ uncertain state finances weighs on some lawmakers

Jan. 12, 2016 – LEAVENWORTH TIMES: Voodoo fiscal management wrecking Kansas

Jan. 11, 2016 – WINFIELD DAILY COURIER: Trimmer accuses state Republicans of ‘money laundering’ with budgets

Jan. 11, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Faced with budget shortfall, Republicans point to global economic troubles as session begins

Jan. 10, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Democrats, Republicans huddling day before 2016 session

Jan. 7, 2016 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas tax amnesty snagged $23M; $7M less than expected

Jan. 1, 2016 – WICHITA EAGLE: Duane Goossen: State budget woes like deja vu all over again


December 2015

Dec. 31, 2015 – SALINA JOURNAL: With Kansas finances, it’s déjà vu all over again

Dec. 30, 2015 – KANSAS FARMERS UNION: State’s Fiscal Crisis Will Hit Rural Kansas Hardest, Goossen Warns

Dec. 29, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas will pay the price for diverting money from highway fund, some lawmakers say

Dec. 26, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Tax Wars: Is Kansas seeing an awakening or a disturbance in labor force?

Dec. 21, 2015 – MIDWEST PRODUCER: Kansas Farmers Union convention focuses on cultivating healthy rural communities

Dec. 18, 2015 – KCUR: As new jobs numbers hit, report aims to debunk Kansas’ ‘lost decade myth’

Dec. 15, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Panel sees more gloom for low-income Kansans


November 2015

Nov. 19, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: For the welfare of the wealthy

Nov. 18, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Here we go again: Kansas trying to figure out how to handle a budget on the brink

Nov. 9, 2015 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: State tax policies aren’t working, two speakers from fiscal group tell Hutch crowd


October 2015

Oct. 22, 2015 – EMPORIA GAZETTE: The Kansas financial crisis

Oct. 19, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas income tax changes could sting

Oct. 14, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Little-noticed court ruling revives possibility Kansas will have to refund man $42 million in taxes

Oct. 14, 2015 – EMPORIA GAZETTE: Economist discusses impact of Kansas tax policy

Oct. 14, 2015 – GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Brownback not looking to tax hikes or spending cuts after missed revenue estimates

Oct. 12, 2015 – EMPORIA GAZETTE: Forum to address economic policy

Oct. 9, 2015 – WICHITA EAGLE: Unfair state tax policy persists

Oct. 9, 2015 – WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas budget director says poor September tax revenue could be an anomaly

Oct. 8, 2015 – CHARLESTON GAZETTE MAIL: Duane Goossen: Buyer beware in WV, as in Kansas

Oct. 2, 2015 – KMUW: Kansas Starts Fiscal Year With Weak Revenue Numbers


September 2015

Sept. 3, 2015 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: Revenue down again

Sept. 8, 2015 – NHFPI: Kansas Tax Cuts: Lessons for New Hampshire Offers Legislators Context for Considering Impact of Proposed Business Tax Cuts

Sept. 11, 2015 – NHPR: As N.H. Budget Debate Continues, Kansas Offered as Example of Tax Cuts Gone Awry


August 2015

August 31, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas Department of Revenue moving release day of its monthly report to include more revenue

August 29, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Debate likely over whether State Finance Council should play role in new school funding formula

August 28, 2015 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: Ignoring statistics

August 28, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Goossen: Celebrate all state employees

August 22, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Kansas governor’s council drops online cloak on economic report

August 19, 2015 – ASSOCIATED PRESS: Report: Kansas missing out on manufacturing job growth

August 18, 2015 – WICHITA EAGLE: Kansas lost manufacturing jobs in past year, while U.S. gained

August 16, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Amid cuts, local school districts seek help from the Kansas Extraordinary Need Fund


July 2015

July 30, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Brownback orders $62.6 million in state budget adjustments

July 20, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Goossen: State ‘pay-fors’ coming due

July 18, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Data raises questions about how many Kansans make a living wage


June 2015

June 30, 2015 – KCUR: Small Kansas Savings Account Makes Monthly Tax Collections Critical

June 15, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Of 53 lawmakers, six keep no-tax pledges

June 14, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Kansas workers with low to moderate incomes will feel the greatest pain from tax increases

June 12, 2015 – WASHINGTON POST: Kansas keeps making life harder on the poor

June 6, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: An obvious solution to budget crisis

June 4, 2015 – OTTAWA HERALD: Budget expert calls for fiscal balance in Kansas legislature

June 2, 2015 – THE NATION: Life and death in Sam Brownback’s Kansas

June 2, 2015 – TAX JUSTICE BLOG: Kansas Considers Tax Hikes on the Poor to Address Budget Mess

June 1, 2015 – HUTCHINSON NEWS: Goossen to Rotary: Budget implosion ‘not out of question’


May 2015

May 31, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: Early analysis shows that Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan would raise taxes for 40 percent of low- and middle-income Kansans

May 26, 2015 – HAYS POST: Former Kan. budget director: State finances ‘badly out of balance’

May 22, 2015 – EMPORIA GAZETTE: Tax structure is the problem

May 19, 2015 – KCUR: Kansas Lawmakers Talk About Medicaid Expansion, But There’s A Catch

May 19, 2015 – THINK PROGRESS: Kansas’ Governor Destroyed The State Budget With Massive Tax Cuts And Now Kansans Are Paying The Price

May 13, 2015 – KCUR: Kansas Lawmakers Consider Raising Taxes To Lower Deficit

May 11, 2015 – HAYS DAILY NEWS: Former state budget director visits Hays Rotary

May 6, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Kansas has lost its balance

May 4, 2015 – PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Ax state income tax? Kansas says that’s a serious mistake


April 2015

April 28, 2015 – LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Wrong road

April 27, 2015 – NC POLICY WATCH: Former Kansas lawmaker and state Budget Director Duane Goossen and Annie McKay, Executive Director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth

April 24, 2015 – PARSONS SUN: Group worries over highway funding

April 23, 2015 – KAKE – State aid to Kansas libraries cut also

April 21, 2015 – WASHINGTON POST: Kansas lawmakers want the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich

April 21, 2015 – INDEPENDENT WEEKLY: What’s the matter with Kansas? (Everything. And that matters here.)

April 20, 2015 – KCUR: The Kansas Consensus Revenue Meeting Has Educators Worried

April 15, 2015 – KCUR: Advocates For The Poor Troubled By Provisions Of Kansas Welfare Bill

April 4, 2015 – WICHITA EAGLE: Tough decisions on taxes await lawmakers when they return to Topeka

April 2, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: ‘Kansas leaders need to hear us’: Topeka West students voice concern on the state of Kansas’ education budget

April 1, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Brownback stands firm as groups call for repeal of tax cuts


March 2015

March 30, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Let’s be practical about KanCare expansion

March 7, 2015 – TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Competing viewpoints characterize Kansas’ economic debate

March 5, 2015 – GARDEN CITY TELEGRAM: Brownback touts Kansas tax policy to Missouri lawmakers


February 2015

Feb. 23, 2015 – INSIGHT KANSAS: Brownback’s block grant plan will cut school funds

Feb. 21, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: More business owners are using tax exemption in Kansas than expected

Feb. 17, 2015 – KANSAS CITY STAR: The Kansas budget crisis as film material?


January 2015

Jan. 30, 2015: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Revenue falls $47 million short in January

Jan. 16, 2015: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Governor’s approach to deficit inspires dissent

Jan. 15, 2015: BLOOMBERG: Kansas Follows Red-Ink Road With Brownback Tax Cuts

Jan. 13, 2015: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: Lawmakers told oil revenue will miss estimates



Dec. 31, 2014: TOPEKA CAPITAL JOURNAL: December revenue comes in $15 million below estimates

Nov. 12, 2014: UNIVERSITY DAILY KANSAN: Projected $279 million Kansas budget shortfall could have implications for higher education

Nov. 3, 2014: BLOOMBERG: Brownback Faces Blowback as Kansas Tax Cuts Shutter Classrooms

April 22, 2014: KANSAS HEALTH INSTITUTE: Report says Medicaid expansion would boost Kansas economy

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