Steve Kraske
September 20, 2016

Good morning.

“We’re still on a good track.” — Gov. Jay Nixon assessing the state of the Missouri budget.

Nixon made his assessment after restricting spending by $57 million. (link via

▪ “The governor asks Kansans to think expansively, but offers no means to make those ideas real.” — former Kansas budget director Duane Goossen, who served under Democratic and Republican governors, speaking about Gov. Sam Brownback’s call to Kansans to email him ideas for a new school funding formula.

Writing in a newspaper column, Goossen labeled the call for ideas a “diversionary tactic” aimed at taking the minds of voters off the real issue, which is a lack of resources to do much of anything in Kansas these days.

▪ “With just weeks to go before a critical presidential election, we are grateful to the court of appeals for stopping this thinly veiled discrimination in its tracks.” — Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters of the United States, in a statement criticizing Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach over a voting rights case.

Kobach’s proof-of-citizenship law is being challenged in several courtrooms, and Carson was referring to a recent ruling that went against Kobach. The Republican is struggling to find success for his efforts.

▪ “She is not in a free fall. She has had a bad week in the context of a not too great campaign. And no, there is no surge in Trump’s polling.” — pollster long-time John Zogby looking at the presidential race.

Zogby insists the state of the race hasn’t changed in weeks.

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