Amanda Jaeger
April 7, 2016

A new report shows investing in public education pays off big time for Kansas.

From the minute kids enter school, the objective is to get them to a point where they could graduate with their degree someday.

Getting a quality education and finding a great job has become part of the American dream.

A new study shows investing in public education isn’t just great for the individual, but also the economy.

The study was done by the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.

It found that every dollar invested into Kansas’ public schools returns over $2.62 in economic benefits to the state.

Also, when students get their high school diploma, it saves the state money.

The study shows the class of 2014 may save an estimated $111 million on social safety net programs, $985 million on crime control costs and $1.5 billion on public health costs.

The report also says that because of the economic impact, the private sector wants the state to reinvest in Kansas schools.

We spoke to Lyndon Wells, Division Director of Public Affairs for Intrust Bank. He works closely with the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Education Alliance in Wichita about the importance of an educated workforce.

“Three years ago, when the Leadership Council and the Chamber of Commerce formed the Business Education Alliance, the purpose was to really begin to develop the workforce pipeline…an educated workforce is crucial to the future and growth and development of our community,” Wells said.

While the future of how the state will be funding Kansas education is still up for debate, we spoke with Representative Jim Ward (D), from Wichita. He says there is no doubt that education is the foundation for economic growth in Kansas and anywhere else in the world.

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