January 13, 2015

Duane Goossen joins Kansas Center for Economic Growth

TOPEKA – Former Kansas budget director Duane Goossen will join the Kansas Center for Economic Growth as a Senior Fellow in the new year. Goossen is a former member of the Kansas House of Representatives, and he served as state budget director for 12 years under three governors – Republican Bill Graves and Democrats Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson.

“Adding Duane’s wealth of expertise and knowledge to the Kansas Center for Economic Growth will allow the organization to continue to be a valuable resource of credible, fact-based information for policymakers, media and Kansans,” said Annie McKay, executive director of the Kansas Center.

Goossen will contribute to the Kansas Center’s research and analysis, strengthening the Kansas Center’s ability to tackle the serious issues facing Kansas as a result of the unprecedented and unaffordable tax cuts.

Goossen welcomed the opportunity to join the Kansas Center as a Senior Fellow, saying, “I’m excited to have an opportunity to continue contributing to the conversation across Kansas about the importance of budget and tax policy and the consequences of drastic tax cuts on everyday investments critical to Kansans.”

“In adding Duane Goossen as the Kansas Center’s Senior Fellow, we stand poised to make this a state where opportunity and economic growth are widely shared,” said McKay.

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ClayDuane Goossen joins Kansas Center for Economic Growth