January 16, 2015

Governor’s budget fails to invest in Kansas’ future

TOPEKA – Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget proposal for fiscal years 2016 and 2017 falls far short of creating opportunities for Kansans to grow our economy and foster widely shared prosperity.

“The Governor’s budget proposal continues to take Kansas in the wrong direction,” said Annie McKay, executive director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth. “The unaffordable tax cuts championed by the Governor two years ago are leaving Kansas without the resources necessary to invest in education programs for everyone from our youngest children to those pursuing higher education, healthcare for vulnerable Kansans, senior citizens or everyday families struggling to get by.”

While the Governor and Budget Director asserted that Kansas’ economy is growing, the evidence doesn’t bear out that growth has arrived or is even around the corner for Kansas. We continue to trail the region and nation in private job growth, our unemployment is following the same trend seen around the country and we’ve lost people to high-tax states.

“While surrounding states are enjoying better economic growth, Kansas continues to struggle to pay its bills and meet basic needs as a result of the unaffordable tax cuts that are forcing mid-year cuts, raiding important funds for transportation and other services and reducing opportunities for Kansans,” said McKay.

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ClayGovernor’s budget fails to invest in Kansas’ future