January 10, 2018

KCEG director on Brownback budget: Time for the legislature to finish the job
of fixing Kansas’ finances 

Topeka, KS — After the release of Governor Sam Brownback’s budget for fiscal year 2019, Kansas Center for Economic Growth Executive Director Heidi Holliday released the following statement:

“What a difference half a year makes.

“When Governor Sam Brownback responded to the passage of Senate Bill 30 in June, he blasted the bipartisan majority of legislators who ended his ill-advised tax ‘experiment.’ But the governor’s budget proposed this morning embraces the very changes made last session, using the revenue raised to pay for core services.

“It seems to be a clear admission that his tax plan didn’t work, and that additional investment is necessary.

“But the governor’s budget is only a proposal. More can, and should, be done. We encourage the 2018 legislature to modernize the tax code and find the additional revenue needed to make critical investments in education, infrastructure, social services, health care, and children and families so that Kansas can continue recovering from years of failed tax policy.

“We should remember that, despite the achievements of last session, Kansas’ budget is not yet structurally balanced. Both the highway fund and KPERS must be strengthened, and the budget released this morning offers no lasting solutions to these pressing concerns.

“Hopes and dreams are important as we imagine what Kansas could become. But hopes and dreams didn’t end the governor’s catastrophic tax plan. Legislators did. This session, those same legislators must keep up their courageous work by finding sustainable and recurring funding sources to continue Kansas’ recovery.”


ClayKCEG director on Brownback budget: Time for the legislature to finish the job of fixing Kansas’ finances