March 2, 2017

“Kansans never needed a Supreme Court ruling to know our classrooms are desperately underfunded. No matter how some spin the numbers, things are bad when schools literally cannot afford to stay open five days a week. They’re bad when the phrase “mass exodus” is used to describe the number of teachers leaving the state. Things are really bad when a superintendent sacrifices his own salary because he’s worried his district won’t make the next month’s payroll.

Kansas schools have been coping with these problems in every community for five years. It isn’t just “inadequate.” It is shameful. And, finally, our elected leaders must do something about it.

Next Monday, the Kansas Legislature will reconvene for the second half of the 2017 session. With the governor’s tax experiment on track to bankrupt the state by the end of March, this ruling forces policymakers to make a clear choice. They can prioritize failed tax policy that benefits a few at the top, or they can prioritize our schools, our children, and a brighter future for our state. I hope this ruling will help lawmakers make the right choice. 

We look forward to working with the legislature to enact comprehensive tax reform that not only restores fiscal sanity, but also restores our kids’ opportunity to receive the world class public education they deserve.”

-Heidi Holliday, Kansas Center for Economic Growth Executive Director 

ClayKCEG issues statement in response to school finance ruling