January 11, 2017

Kansas Center for Economic Growth issues statement in response to Governor Sam Brownback’s budget proposal

“Governor Brownback has offered a budget proposal that will further devastate Kansas’ most important investments but still not fix the state’s long-term financial problems. We cannot continue to sacrifice everything Kansas cares about just to protect a tax plan that never worked as promised. If lawmakers want to stop this never ending crisis and ensure that this is the last budget crisis Kansas is forced to endure as a result of failed tax policy, they should reject this latest batch of temporary band aids and instead focus on commonsense, comprehensive tax reform.”

-Heidi Holliday, KCEG Executive Director

There is nothing structurally balanced about this proposal. Borrowing a lot of money, selling important assets, further de-funding roads and bridges, and canceling payments to our state retirement system are all temporary stopgaps that we’ve tried and failed before. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. This is the 10th budget crisis Kansas has faced since the Governor’s tax plan took effect, and the budget offered today will all but ensure an 11th.”

-Duane Goossen, KCEG Senior Fellow and Former Kansas Budget Director

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ClayRELEASE: Kansas Center for Economic Growth issues statement in response to Governor Sam Brownback’s budget proposal