May 22, 2017

Kansas House rejects comprehensive tax reform

“Last November, Kansans elected 56 freshman lawmakers to join veteran policymakers in 2017 and fix the state’s fiscal problems. Today, on the fifth anniversary of the 2012 tax cuts, the Kansas House rejected CCR for Senate Bill 30, which would have gutted the Governor’s signature tax policy and taken a significant step forward in restoring much needed revenue to the state. With key components of comprehensive tax reform, CCR for SB 30 would have ended the “March to Zero,” repealed the LLC loophole, and restored a third income tax bracket – the policy reforms Rise Up, Kansas has been fighting for.

In order to fund schools and avoid deeper budget cuts to other core services, lawmakers must create a tax system that meets the needs of the state. As we approach the 100th day of the legislative session, effective policy change will require bold leadership and great cooperation. Failing to end the Governor’s misguided tax policy is a failure to put Kansas on the path to financial stability.”
-Heidi Holliday, Kansas Center for Economic Growth Executive Director 

ClayRELEASE: Kansas House rejects comprehensive tax reform