April 6, 2017

“A flat tax would have created far more problems than it solved, so we’re pleased that lawmakers chose to hold out for a tax reform package that makes more sense. But today’s debate also elevated a serious problem. How many more tax proposals must be voted down before lawmakers finally adopt the solution that Kansans want? Kansans are ready to move forward, but proposals like this would only leave low-income and middle-class families behind.

Across the board, Kansans intensely oppose Governor Brownback’s signature tax policy, which is the source of our budget problems. They feel it damaged our economy, and a recent statewide poll revealed that 67 percent of voters want lawmakers to repeal it. It’s hard to remember a time when the public united so strongly behind a policy issue. Ending the Brownback tax experiment would balance the budget and allow lawmakers to restore funding to our classrooms. It is not only the simplest and most popular solution, it’s the best one. It’s time for lawmakers to embrace it.”

-Heidi Holliday, Kansas Center for Economic Growth Executive Director 

ClayRELEASE: KCEG responds to failed flat tax proposal