July 19, 2017

House budget strips trillions from everyday Americans while giving huge tax cuts for the wealthiest
Kansas’ congressional delegation should reject the House budget and instead work toward a bipartisan plan that matches our state’s needs and priorities

A new budget proposal, released yesterday, would make it harder for thousands of Kansas families to make ends meet, with drastic cuts to health care and key assistance programs. Despite attempts to distance themselves from President Trump’s budget, House leadership is advancing a budget that would strip trillions of dollars from middle class and working families while providing tax giveaways to the very wealthy and profitable corporations. The budget also creates a special fast-track process that would allow Congress to force through massive cuts in public investments, as well as tax giveaways for those who need it least, without bipartisan support.

“The House budget proposal, like President Trump’s budget plan, threatens economic opportunity for thousands of Kansans while paving the way for huge tax cuts for the wealthy,” said Kansas Center for Economic Growth (KCEG) Executive Director Heidi Holliday. “It would also shift massive costs to Kansas at a time when our state is already struggling to invest in education, transportation, and other services Kansans rely on. After five years of financial crisis brought on by the Brownback tax experiment, now is the time to rebuild the state’s fiscal health, not jeopardize it even more.”

For Kansas, the budget plan could result in devastating cuts to programs that expand economic opportunity for Kansans, including job training, education, and economic development programs in cities and rural communities. The budget would fall hardest on residents struggling in today’s economy, with cuts to programs that provide income assistance to help families get back on their feet and help more than 250,000 Kansans, including 130,000 children, afford groceries through SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. As House leadership continues its efforts to sabotage health care access, the budget includes additional cuts to Medicaid, which helps 390,000 Kansans.

And underlying the whole budget proposal is a set of false assumptions about economic growth to hide that the proposed tax cuts would dramatically increase deficits and shift ballooning costs to states when revenues fall short of projections.

“Kansans deserve a responsible federal budget proposal from our representatives – one that is based on real economic conditions and addresses the real challenges faced by struggling families,” said Holliday. “Instead of fast-tracking cuts that shortchange our state and our economy, the Kansas Congressional Delegation should focus on creating a bipartisan plan that makes investments in programs that match our priorities.”

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ClayRELEASE: House budget strips trillions from everyday Americans while giving huge tax cuts for the wealthiest