New Tax Plan Sets the Stage for Staggering Cuts to Programs for Working Families and Children

Dec. 20, 2017

Topeka, KS – Following the Senate and House passage of the GOP tax bill, Executive Director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth Heidi Holliday released the following statement:

“Today, the Senate and House passed a massive tax plan that will reshape our nation’s economy for the worse, slashing rates permanently for big business and the wealthy while setting the stage for staggering cuts to programs that working families and children depend on.

“This is an abandonment of fiscal responsibility by our elected leaders and a call to action for all who want to build thriving, prosperous communities.

“Make no mistake: This tax plan comes with disastrous costs. It is forecast to add roughly $1.5 trillion to the deficit. Some 13 million people will go without health insurance, and prices will rise for those who continue to be insured. Starting next year, leaders in the House and Senate have made clear their plans to advance ruinous cuts to health care, food assistance for needy children and families, and supports for people with disabilities.

“Kansans know the costs of irresponsible, trickle-down economic theories. The Brownback tax ‘experiment’ led to three credit downgrades, nine rounds of budget cuts, and repeated sweeps from highway and pension funds. We can’t cut our way to prosperity, and we are disappointed the Kansas congressional delegation didn’t take that lesson to heart.

“There is no hope in this tax plan. But there is hope in the majority of Kansans who voted to elect a new class of state leaders after realizing the devastation Brownback’s experiment had wrought on the state. Earlier this year, state lawmakers overrode his veto and started Kansas on the long path to recovery.

“As we move forward from these destructive votes in Washington, D.C., we will continue to tell the Kansas story, showing how everyday Americans can engage their government to implement sound fiscal policy.”

ClayNew Tax Plan Sets the Stage for Staggering Cuts to Programs for Working Families and Children