2018 Kansas Health & Prosperity Index (HAPI)
The latest edition of the HAPI report takes a bracing look at economic, education, and health outcomes in the Sunflower State. Unlike its predecessor, which compared Kansas with regional neighbors, the 2018 update focuses on the barriers to opportunity faced by Kansans of color and identifies commonsense policy solutions.

Kansas’ Health and Prosperity Index (HAPI): 2016
A healthy Kansas economy starts with healthy Kansans. Our state enjoys many advantages when it comes to health – open space, clean air and water, and a good sense of community. However, Kansas finds itself in the middle of the pack when examining the health, economic, and social foundation of the state in comparison to the region.


Medicaid Expansion: A Pro-growth Policy
One in six Kansas adults under 65 lacks health insurance, even though tens of thousands of them have jobs. Kansas has a chance to extend health coverage to working men and women in dozens of critical industries—such as food service, construction, nursing, retail and child care—and boost its economy at the same time.