Tax bill could sidetrack Kansas on road to recovery

April 7, 2018

Saturday night, the Kansas Senate passed Substitute for HB 2228. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth urges lawmakers to oppose any tax cuts at this time, as they would only increase budget uncertainty while our state works to rebuild from years of failed tax policy.

Some estimates indicate that this bill would reduce Kansas revenue by nearly half a billion dollars over five years. We must fund our public schools and work to rebuild a sorely damaged state budget. This will take time, and we should not be writing checks that we can’t afford to cash.

In the months to come, the Kansas Legislature should monitor how the federal tax plan affects our state, and tailor an appropriate response as needed. Until then, the work of investing in core services – great schools, affordable health care, solid infrastructure, and thriving communities – is more important than ever.

ClayTax bill could sidetrack Kansas on road to recovery